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An exchange project showcasing current music
from Southern Switzerland and Estonia
4th edition

13.10.17 20.00
Philly Joe's Jazz Club

Tallinn, Tatari 4
Raun Juurikas (EE) _keyboards, controllers
Brian Quinn (CH) _drums
Duo issued in 2015 from the Estonia-Ticino exchange project.
«BRAUN is the place in which to pursue our personal research. We both started playing around—with electronically sourced music, with the drums—at eleven. Later we both pursued studies in jazz music. Gradually the jazz idiom, considered solely as an aesthetic instead of as an approach, ceased to inspire us and it became necessary to rebuild the vocabulary of our musical speech. We look into current electronic music for inspiration. With BRAUN we explore the connection of environment and performance.»
BLUE 2147 BLUE 2147 & Liina Saar
play the music of «Colossus of Rhodes»

Mauro Fiero (CH) _electric guitar, instant analogue sound processing
Gabriele Pezzoli (CH) _keyboards, instant analogue sound processing
Brian Quinn (CH) _drums
guest Liina Saar (EE) _vocals, effects
Had the layered rhythms of today's electronic music already been known to Pink Floyd, if the DJs of the day dared venture into total improvisation as in the times of deepest psychedelia, then BLUE 2147 would already have existed 40 years ago...
BLUE 2147 is a variable collective of musicians gravitating around Gabriele Pezzoli and Brian Quinn.
14.10.17 20.00
Philly Joe's Jazz Club

Tallinn, Tatari 4
TreMeandy TreMeandy & Meelis Vind
Manuel Pramotton (IT) _tenor saxophone
Simon Quinn (CH) _double bass
Giacomo Reggiani (CH) _drums
guest Meelis Vind (EE) _bass clarinet
Founded 2013, TreMeandy was voted best diploma project of the year at Haute Ecole de Musique Lausanne. There followed the participoation in the Swiss national DKSJ (Direktoren-Konferenz Schweizerischer Jazzschulen) project, and the awarding of a grant by the Friedl-Wald Foundation. In 2016 the trio publishes a first album titled «Just Like Mary Did Before You» for the Berlin label QFTF. No doubt the most promising young jazz project “made in Ticino”.
Roberto Pianca Sub Rosa Roberto Pianca «Sub Rosa»
Roberto Pianca (CH) _electric guitar
Dan Kinzelman (US) _tenor saxophone
Glenn Zaleski (US) _piano
Stefano Senni (IT) _double bass
Luis Candeias (PT) _drums
Roberto Pianca compiles a combo of diverse cultural identities that integrates jazz of the most spontaneous sort, contemporary classical music and rock.
«Much has already been written about Roberto Pianca's style somewhere between grungy Hendrix distortion and delicate Jim Hall; it does provide exciting contrasts between the pale pastels and the darker moods.»

An exchange project showcasing current music
from Southern Switzerland and Estonia

is the fourth edition of the musical exchange project between Ticino and Estonia, developed by the two collectives Q3 (Lugano) and Avarus (Tallinn), creating an international showcase for music professionals of Southern Switzerland and Estonia.

The project is evidence of collaboration, mutual esteem and friendship between musicians from Ticino and Estonia which have begun in 2007 and developed over the past decade.

Annually since 2014, a festival of Estonian music is held every even year in Southern Switzerland, while every odd year, artists from Ticino perform in Estonia. Performances are introduced by artists of the hosting Country and joint bands are featured.

Archive of previous editions:

2014 TLL>LUG Tallinn-Lugano
2015 LUG>TLL Lugano-Tallinn
2016 Estonia-Ticino
2017 Estonia-Ticino IV

Idea, Production
Switzerland/ Q3. Envisions. Enacts. Entertains.
Estonia/ Loominguline Rühmitus Avarus MTÜ

With the kind support of
Pro Helvetia, Swiss Arts Council
Fondation SUISA
SIS Schweizer Interpretenstiftung
Repubblica e Cantone Ticino, Fondo Swisslos

Philly Joe's Jazz Club, Tallinn
Meriton Old Town Garden Hotel, Tallinn

Q3. Envisions. Enacts. Entertains.