At 4 AM on 4 August we started out for our spot at over 8,000 feet in the Lepontine Alps. We carried our instruments there, plugged to a car battery and shot the first piece of music that crossed our minds. What you see and hear is that one shot. Later we titled it «Griestep». It best illustrates BRAUN's quest for the instant musical transfiguration of mind, motivity, mood and location.

We want to find out what a place does
to our music, so we take it places.


We both started playing around –with electronically sourced music, with the drums– at eleven. Later we both pursued studies in jazz music. Gradually the jazz idiom, considered solely as an aesthetic instead of as an approach, ceased to inspire us and it became necessary to rebuild the vocabulary of our musical speech.

BRAUN is the place
in which to pursue our personal research.


13.10.17 20:00
Philly Joe's Jazz Club
Tatari 4, Tallinn /EE

2.11.17 18:00
Osteria La Fabbrica
Via Locarno 43, Losone /CH

3.11.17 20:30
Ebikon, Luzern /CH
w/ Nolan Quinn _tp, fx

24.11.17 20:00
Jasm Jazz Bar
Jakobsoni 18, Viljandi /EE

25.11.17 20:00
Philly Joe's Jazz Club
Tatari 4, Tallinn /EE


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