Q3. Envisions. Enacts. Entertains. designates the artistic endeavours of drummer Brian Quinn.
Based in Southern Switzerland, Q3 offers a portfolio of musical projects and concert productions.

«By the year my brothers and I founded our trio Q3, jungle had given way to drum'n'bass, challenging us to play it on our acoustic instruments and blending it with jazz. The trio toured Europe, recorded, and was awarded some prizes. Coincidentally, through a commission, we entered the era of silent film: our live soundtrack to Nanook of the North (1921) would become the first of many to follow. More artists joined for a stretch of the way–Kurt Rosenwinkel, Bill Carrothers, Olivier Ker Ourio, Max De Aloe are among the best-known.»

Throughout, Q3 kept its commitment to The Underground. Addressing the necessity to create opportunities locally, we ventured into the production of independent concerts and festivals.

Today Q3 promotes the ICM duo BRAUN and a portfolio of original soundtracks to films and documentaries.

Q3 participates in the musicians collective BLUE 2147.


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