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An exchange project showcasing current music
from Southern Switzerland and Estonia
5th edition

18.10.18 20:45
Teatro Sociale Bellinzona

Bellinzona, Piazza Teatro
Raun Juurikas (EE) _keyboards, controllers
Brian Quinn (CH) _drums
Duo issued in 2015 from the Estonia-Ticino exchange project.
Musical language and sound quality are sourced in contemporary electronic club genres, but are generated and performed utterly in the moment on acoustic and digital instruments. BRAUN seeks the intersection between man-made and machine-made. BRAUN fathoms the correlation of environment and performance. At present, BRAUN tackles a musical rendition of the engraved work «Quatre Histoires de Blanc et Noir» by Frantisek Kupka (Paris, 1926).
Liisi Koikson Liisi Koikson «Coffee for One»
Liisi Koikson (EE) _vocals
Raul Ojamaa (EE) _electric guitar
Raun Juurikas (EE) _keyboards, controllers
Marti Tärn (EE) _electric bass
Martin Petermann (EE) _drums
Kaur Kenk (EE) _sound engineer
If a message can be found in «Coffee for One», Koikson explains it thus: «my attempt is to tell of the solitude one might experience living in a metropolis, searching for one's own path through the noise and crowds that are faced daily.». Until now Liisi Koikson, star singer of Estonia, has dedicated herself with great success to folk and jazz music. Her most recent project «Coffee for One», from which the singles «Procrastination Queen» and «I Am the Only One» have been taken, is her bold step towards pop music.
19.10.18 20:30
Jazz in Bess

Lugano, Via Besso 42a
Sub Rosa Duo+2 Roberto Pianca/Glenn Zaleski Sub Rosa Duo+2
Roberto Pianca (CH) _electric guitar
Glenn Zaleski (US) _piano
Lorenzo Conte (IT) _double bass
Nelide Bandello (IT) _drums
Roberto Pianca compiles a combo of diverse cultural identities that integrates jazz of the most spontaneous sort, contemporary classical music and rock.
«Much has already been written about Roberto Pianca's style somewhere between grungy Hendrix distortion and delicate Jim Hall; it does provide exciting contrasts between the pale pastels and the darker moods.»
Momentum Peedu Kass «Momentum»
feat. Kristjan Randalu

Kristjan Randalu (EE) _piano
Peedu Kass (EE) _double bass
Toomas Rull (EE) _drums
Momentum was founded by Estonian bassist Peedu Kass and has quickly established itself as one of the leading European piano trios through Kass' exquisite talent for composition, pianist Kristjan Randalu's virtuosic approach to the intrument and drummer Toomas Rull's long-lived and profound knowledge of drumming and of music. 2017 Jazzkaar Jazz Ensemble of the Year and nominated for Jazz Album of the Year at the 2017 Estonian Music Awards, Momentum tours extensively all over the globe.

An exchange project showcasing current music
from Southern Switzerland and Estonia

is the fifth edition of the musical exchange project between Ticino and Estonia, founded by the two collectives Q3 (Lugano) and Avarus (Tallinn), creating an international showcase for music professionals of Southern Switzerland and Estonia. As of 2018 the project is led by the collective BLUE 2147 (Ticino) and the Estonian Jazz Union (Estonia).

The project is evidence of collaboration, mutual esteem and friendship which have developed over the past 11 years between musicians from Ticino and Estonia.

Annually since 2014, a festival of Estonian music is held every even year in Southern Switzerland, while every odd year, artists from Ticino perform in Estonia. Performances are introduced by artists of the hosting Country and joint bands are featured.

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Idea, Production
Ticino/ BLUE 2147
Estonia/ Estonian Jazz Union

In collaboration with
Teatro Sociale Bellinzona
Jazz in Bess

BLUE 2147